Spectrum has been running for over 30 years and we like to think that over the course of this period we have had an impact on the lives of many children and families. It means a lot to receive testimonials from parents and we would like to share a couple of these with you:

My family have been involved with Spectrum for two years.  Two students are linked to my 14-year-old son who has both physical and cognitive disabilities.  Although his main method of communication is speech, he is difficult to understand and it requires patience to master.  During this time, the students have got to know him, learnt how to care for him and keep him safe and, most importantly, acquired the skill of entertaining him in a way that he loves.  This is not something that should be under estimated.  My son has behavioral issues and communication difficulties and cannot always behave in a socially acceptable fashion.   But, more importantly, my son has learned that when his “buddies” come, they are here for the sole purpose of being with him.  This situation does not arise very often and so is all the more appreciated.  The activities that they all do together have changed over time, to cater for my son’s changing needs/likes and I am impressed with the students’ flexibility and initiative to do different kinds of activities and go on trips out.  The benefit for me as carer is also much appreciated and valued.  This is not only because it gives me a much needed break but also to reassure me that it is still possible for people to get to know him and be able to manage him, independently of me.  Because I feel that this is such a beneficial service for families with disabled children, I have been able to recommend Spectrum to other families so that they can enjoy the benefits too.  I hope that Spectrum continues to grow and offer many more children, young people and their families, the chance to enjoy the benefits of this fantastic organisation”

Here is another kind statement from a one of our parents:

“I can’t believe it has been three years already!  You have both provided such an excellent continuity of support for Felix.  You really are his buddies and have got to know him so well.  Felix has benefitted from your deep understanding of his condition.  You have both been remarkable in finding ways of keeping the communication going even if it has to boil down to “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” on a really bad day.  In fact we all enjoy your visits as you cheer up the whole family not just Felix!  We also appreciate your resourcefulness in thinking up projects that Felix can do whilst sitting down as his epilepsy is particularly challenging in the afternoons when you visit. 

 The trip to Hindleap Warren was so memorable!  Watching Felix fly through the trees suspended in a harness from the zip wire was amazing!  It was lovely to meet the other volunteers too and to see the other children that you all support having such a great time.  Many of these children are probably in the same position as Felix of not being able to access holidays away from home easily so it is great that Spectrum makes it possible.  I am sure all the parents truly appreciate the time and effort that you put in. 

 The trip to City Farm was also fun with the treasure hunt and checking out all the animals. 

The fact that this is all supported by Volunteers giving up their personal time is deeply appreciated. Little did we know when we originally applied to Spectrum that Felix would make friends who would stick by him for all this time.  A truly wonderful thing.”

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