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This page outlines more information about how Spectrum operates. If you have questions that are left unanswered then please don’t hesitate to contact us at spectrum.rums@gmail.com


Each child is linked to 2 volunteers, both students at UCL medical school. All of our volunteers have CRB clearance and receive training before volunteering on the Spectrum scheme. Some of our volunteers will also have had prior experience working with people with learning or physical disabilities. The majority of our linking takes place in October (the start of the academic year) however some new referrals are linked later in the year, subject to the availability of volunteers.

Spectrum visits

These form the foundation of the Spectrum scheme. Visits and outings can be anything from a home-visit to a trip to a local swimming pool, cinema, climbing wall or zoo and we expect our volunteers to visit about once every two weeks (with less visits around student exam time). Volunteers are encouraged to communicate with parent and child alike to find activities that best suit the child’s preferences and abilities. The visits provide a basis of friendship between volunteer and child, challenge the child to achieve things he or she may not ordinarily do and provide much needed respite for families at the same time.

Group trips

These happen about 3 times a year and invite all members of Spectrum to come along, allowing for an environment where children have a chance to interact with other volunteers and children. Examples of group trips in the past include: the annual Christmas pantomime, Kentish town farm, bowling, the aquarium, the science museum and our annual summer picnic. We try to do a winter trip, a residential and summer trip so that they are spread throughout the year.

Residential trip

We aim to organise a weekend-long residential trip once every year. For the past number of years we have gone to ‘Hindleap Warren’, an outdoor activity centre, offering the children a fantastic opportunity to engage with the outdoors and try their hand at rock climbing, canoeing and bushcraft. Please see our Residential trip section for more.


The scheme is entirely funded through charitable donations and fund-raising and therefore there is it is entirely free for families– this includes the residential holiday. If you would like to find out more about how many is raised for the charity, see the Support Us page.

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